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"Welcome to my world !"
"Between the Sky and Earth"
Raimonds Ozols

Raimonds Ozols has worked in the status of the first concertmaster of the first violin group in Latvia National Opera Orchestra (for 4 years) and in Latvia National Symphony Orchestra. He has studied in the Latvian Academy of Music and received a BA degree in 1993.

As a soloist Raimonds Ozols has performed together with Latvia National Symphony Orchestra A. Vivaldi “Seasons” (1997), Double Concert of J. Brahms (1998), together with cello soloist Agnese Rugevica, Swing concerto of M. Warlop (2000), Concertsymphony of V.A.Mocart (2001).

Raimonds Ozols had been invited to several International Festivals of Opera Music and World Peace Symphony in Bangkok. Recently he had a valuable opportunity to play as the concertmaster with such world famous performers as M.Rostrapovich, M.Maisky, I.Monigetti, K.Georgjana, M.Rondin, S.Rihter, G.Kremer, I.Galante and others. Raimonds Ozols has cooperated as a concertmaster with conductors M.Jansons, J.Panula, J.Kangass, D.Kahidze, V.Sinaisky, A.Aleksejev, J.Simanov, E.Klaas and others.

In 1999 he received the first prize as the best concertmaster and soloist of Latvia National Symphony Orchestra. Raimonds Ozols is enjoying romantic music, best of all symphonies of J. Brahms and G.Mahler, pieces of R.Strauss and Opera music. He has a great experience to play chamber music, especially in violin duets (together with his wife violinist of Latvia National Symphony Orchestra), string quartets, salon music ensembles – he is a leader of J.Strauss waltz small orchestra, jazz-ball music ensemble and different popular music ensembles.

In 2001 Raimonds Ozols produced his first solo album “Between the Sky and Earth”, getting great popularity in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. This album had been licensed in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and in Australia. “Between the Sky and Earth” is an excellent combination of classical, opera and rock music. The diamonds of classical music, such as G. Verdi “Traviata”, P. Mascagni “Cavalleria Rusticana”, H. Berlioz “Symphonie Fantastique”, G. Rossini “Guillaume Tell”, are performed in a popular arrangement.

In November 2004 Raimonds Ozols’ second solo album “Welcome to my world !” was released. There are 10 compositions in the album – from classic to contemporary music. The modern arrangements are created by Raimonds Macats and Uģis Prauliņš. Besides the compositions of F. Chopin, G. Verdi, L. van Beethoven and N. Paganini, there are two Raimonds Macats’ original works, written specially for Raimonds Ozols – “Autumn” and “At midnight”.