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Jāzeps Mediņš Music School Boys’ Choir

Jāzeps Mediņš Music School Boys’ Choir was founded in 1981. During the latest years it has become one of the leading choirs in the Baltic States. Since 1987 the choir has been directed by Romāns Vanags (1960) – professor and the head of the choir department at the Jāzeps Mediņš Music School. Romāns Vanags has also been one of the principal conductors of the Latvian Song Festival and the Youth Song Festival as well.

The popularity of the choir on a Europe and world scale has been established by successful participation and awards at international choir competitions – in 2001 the first prize at the international choral competition “Music World” in Fivizzano, Italy; in 2000 the first prize at the International Choral Kathaumixw in Powell River, Canada; in 1997 the second prize at the international competition “Guido d'Arezzo”, Italy and in 1993 the first prize in the category of boys’ choirs and the third prize in Grand Prix competition in Nantes, France.

The voices of the singers have been heard in numerous festivals and concert tours in Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Republic of South Africa and many European countries. The choir is also one of the regular participants and organizers of the international Boys’ choir Festival “Rīgas Doms”.

The role of Jāzeps Mediņš Music School Boys’ Choir in Latvian music culture is very significant. The rich and varied repertoire of the choir includes music from Renaissance and Baroque till Romanticism and 20th century choral pieces as well as the Latvian folk song arrangements and original songs. Every year the choir gives about 40 concerts in Riga and other cities of Latvia and takes part in charity activities. Close and serious co-operation is established with the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and other professional music groups and orchestras in performing A.Honegger's “The Christmas Cantata”, G.Mahler's “8th Symphony”, I.Stravinsky's “Psalm Symphony”, J.Haydn's “The Seven last Words” and J.S.Bach's “St. Matthew Passion”. The members of the choir have taken part in Latvian National Opera performances such as G.Puccini's “Tosca”, W.A.Mozart's “The Magic Flute”, C.Menotti's “Amal and the Night Visitor” and B.Britten's “Little Sweep”.


2004 “The return of light”
2003 “What a wonderful world”
2001 “Rīga dimd”
2000 “Look into my eyes” with Marie N
1998 Christmas CD “Wonderful Night” together with the rock group "Bet Bet"
1997 “Dextera Domini”
1994 “Jāzeps Mediņš Music School Boys’ Choir”


2003 – USA – participation in International Choral festival Missoula, Montana. Concerts in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Spokane.
2003 – Finland – participation in International Choral Festival Sympatti.
2002 - Venezuela - participation in festival Canticum Novum in Caracas and Puerto la Cruz.
2001- Italy - first prize at international choral competition Music World in Fivizzano, Italy.
- Canada - 1st prize at international competition Kathaumixw Powell River, British Columbia.
- USA (Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles - concert in Disney Land).
- South Africa (Johannesburg, Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Rustenburg, Pretoria, Delmas, Carolina, Nelspruit).
- Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Campinas, Americana, Nova Odessa, Itapira, Ribeirao, Preto, Curitiba, Ijui).
- Italy - 2nd prize at international competition in Guido d` Arezzo.
- Germany ( Berlin, Bonn, Cologne).
- USA - participation in America Fest- International Singing Festival for men and boy’s, title America Fest International Choir Award. Boston - concert in Trinity Church. New York - concert in St. Patrick's Cathedral.
- Australia (Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, participation in Sydney Festival).
1994 - Germany, France, (Nice, Cannes, Grassa), Monaco.
1993 - France (3rd place in the International Children` s Choir competition in Nantes).
1993 - England (London, Bradford, Nottingham, Birmingham).
1991 - Germany (Berlin, Bremen, Kiel, Flensburg).
1990 - USA (New York, Chicago, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Cleveland).
1989 – Poland.
1988 - Russia, Estonia.

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